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SAVE THE DATE - February 1&2, 2016 CDDL Certified Demand Driven Leader - Lille

01/02/2016 09:00 à 17:00 au 02/02/2016 00:00SAVE THE DATE - February 1&2, 2016 CDDL Certified Demand Driven Leader - Lille    


Demand Driven Institute is proud to offer the first in person CDDL class​

This will be a 2 day class taught in English by Carol Ptak. We will be hosted by Euralogistic, pôle d'excellence français en logistique et supply chain, Fapics' partner, located in the South of Lille, France.

1795 €  Regular attendee 


Class price in Euro exclusive of VAT
Contact to hold your place! This class will be limited to the first 20 registrations.
Fapics will be handling the registrations.
1595 €  Fapics members
1095 €  CDDP certified

Certified Demand Driven Leader (CDDL) The CDDL equips senior and mid-level operations and supply chain managers with the ability to design, implement and sustain a Demand Driven supply chain. The program spans Planning, Operations, Distribution and Finance and is perfect for a team to attend.

How does the CDDL compare to the CDDP? There is some overlap between the programs. The material in the DDMRP and DDDRP sections of the CDDL is redundant on the CDDP Program material. The CDDP goes into much greater depths on these topics. That material, however, will constitute only about 15% of the total CDDL.  The CDDL is more in depth on the financial and Demand Driven S&OP considerations of the Demand Driven Adaptive System Schema.

Where does the CDDL Fit In? The CDDL will become necessary cog in supporting any DDMRP (or bigger) implementation by giving mid-level and senior management an across the board look at flow and the concepts need to support flow. Without that support our implementations are always at risk. This will be particularly more important in larger enterprises.   The CDDL works from the strategic to business planning to the operations model. 

Is this a certification program?  Yes
Each Certified Demand Driven Leader Examination is 3 hours long and is comprised of 125 multiple choice questions chosen from a larger question pool.  Each exam provided is unique in the questions and sequence of the questions.  A passing score requires 70% correct answers.
The exam is delivered online through ISCEA’s iProctor system.  You must have a computer with good internet connectivity and a webcam to take the online exam from your office or from your home.


Course Introduction
Module 1: The Need for Change
Part 1:  The Rise of Complexity
Part 2: The Importance of Flow
Part 3: Variability and its Impact on flow – Planning
Part 4: Variability and its Impact on Flow – Finance
Part 5: The Need for Thoughtware
Module 2: An Overview of Designing and Operating for Flow
Module 3: Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning
Part 1: Strategic Inventory Positioning
Part 2: Buffer Profiles and Levels
Part 3: Dynamic Buffer Adjustments
Part4: Demand Driven Planning (Supply Order Generation)
Part 5: Highly Visible and Collaborative Execution
Part 6: Calculating Average On-Hand
Part 7: DDMRP Buffer Criteria
Part 8: MRP, Lean and DDMRP
Part 9: Implications for Distribution Networks
Module 4: Demand Driven Scheduling and Shop Floor 
Part 1: Control Points
Part 2:  Scheduling Control Points                                             
Part 3: Protecting Control Points
Part 4: How Time Buffers Work
Part 5:  Capacity Buffers
Module 5: Tactical Smart Metrics for Operations
Module 6: Demand Driven Sales and Operations Planning (DDS OP)
Module 7: Demand Driven Strategic Control, Measurement and Adaptation


au sud de LILLE (FRANCE)
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